Other useful aviation sites

Fuel prices and fees, airport and FBO information.
Fuel prices and fees, airport and FBO information.
Flying20 MyFamily Group
Flying20 Club pictures and discussions.
New! Wise Old Sayings
Inspirational and insightful aviation sayings and quotes.
Lead Fouling
Information from Shell Oil about lead fouling.
Wikipedia for Flying20
A wikipedia created by Gary Baluha about the Flying20 club.
This is a new wiki for aviation destinations. Being a wiki, you can edit it yourself to add or modify entries.  It's fairly new, so there's not much there yet, but feel free to add to it, making it a valuable resource for all of us.
This site has (among many other things) preferred routes that you might expect should be in the AF/D but are not.  Also has weather fuel prices, flight tracking, and charts.  Some services may require (free) registration
NACO free digital products
Free digital approach plates and other charts.  Now includes the AF/D!  Links on left side navigation bar to free downloads and subscriptions.
Myairplane.com's approach plates
Free digital approach plates, IFR and VFR charts at this link.  Click on home for much more.
aviation toolbox.org
Free downloadable digital sectionals.  Huge files.   Georeferenced too.
Track any IFR or commercial flight.  Historical info can be accessed with free subscription.
Paper sectionals and other charts at a discount, with free shipping!  Other pilot stuff too.
liveatc.net Live ATC radio feeds and archives.
Aviation newsletter suggested by Jerry Pozniak and Bob Miller
Many things, including flight planning (click on "flight planning" near the top right and then "flight planning" on the resulting page; get terrain avoidance graphs among other things)
skyvector.com Digital sectionals you can zoom and drag in your browser window.  Faster but less capable than runwayfinder.com, below.
runwayfinder.com Digital sectionals stitched together properly, apparantly running as a google maps application.  You can zoom and drag just like google maps, and also chart course lines (it plots something close to the great circle route).  You can also overlay google street maps and sattelite photos, and it shows TFR boundaries.   Mongo cool!  Note - sectionals are not quite current.
Searachable listings of $100 hamburger sites, lodgings, campsites, aviation museums, and other destinations.   Other content available for members; membership is free.
A pretty good web aviation magazine.  It is updated as the articles come in, daily for some sections.  It requires (free) registration.  Well worth reading.
ATC Radar running over google maps and satellite photos.
Acme mapper
Type in latitude and longitude, and this google map app tells you where it is, overlaying it on your choice of map, aerial photo, NEXRAD display, or other things.   Mongo cool, and a good way to check where intersections really are for flight checking GPS.  Actually, plain old google maps will do it too, (just type in coordinates) but this offers other backdrops.
New England Pilots Group
A web based "let's get together and maybe fly" group, hosted by meetup.com.  I found this at a safety seminar at HPN; I haven't tried it but it looks interesting.
Search for planes to rent when you are away from ours, such as on vacation.  The web site also claims to list FBOs, flight schools, and flying clubs, but I don't see an easy way to do that, outside of simply looking for planes.
Flying 20 Club store Direct external link to the Flying 20 club store, operated by Corporate Casuals.  Only the gateway page is on our site; the direct link is not.