Official Documents

Bylaws Bylaws, as of May 22, 2020
Information Sheet Information Sheet, as of May 22, 2020
New! Checkout Information Checkout information for the club aircraft.
Parking/Taxi The club preferred paths for departing from and returning to the club parking spaces. Green for departing and Red for arrival.
Tie Down Procedures The club preferred method of tying down our aircraft.  During winter this procedure will greatly minimize the chance of frozen rope requiring a knife to untie the planes.
Winter Operating Procedures Winter operating procedures, by Brad Freeman, updated by Gary Baluha January, 2020
(see also Winter Flying, in the Operating Manuals tab)
Membership application form Membership application form for printing, in PDF format.  You can print it blank, fill it in and sign it, then mail it to us, or fill it in on your computer, print it and sign it, then mail it to us.